Urban Relay TV Streaming

The JWOC 2022 programme has been re-planned a lot, as you all may know.

This Friday, there is a Urban Relay in Dornelas.

At this moment, all setup is done and tested to have the same level of TV Production as in the JWOC 2022 Medal Stages.

We pulled up a technological miracle in less than 48h, and you are invited to make part of it.

All teams will compete at high level so you can expect a very competitive stage.

Follow Live Results and GPS Coverage on the Arena. Radio controls on the terrain provide intermediate Results. There is no Open Public Wifi in the Arena this time.

A big TV screen will be at the Arena for you to follow all action on the terrain with all our cameras.

The JWOC Tour TV Production will arrive to your house FREE OF CHARGE.

No fees, no registration, no worries, just fun.

If you like our work, please support our team by making a donation through Paypal. We thank you in advance.

Please support free JWOC 2022 TV Production