Bulletin 3.5 is now Available

The Forest JWOC 2022 is now underway and a bit less than two months to start. As usual, Bulletin 3 is scheduled to be published at this time before the competition date.

All people know that JWOC 2022 did not ended in July, that the forest Medal races (Middle, Relay and Long) will take place in the first weekend of November 2022.

For that purpose, this post presents the Bulletin 3.5, a revamped version of the original JWOC 2022 Bulletin 3, updated and dedicated with information regarding the Forest JWOC 2022 only.

B3.5 is now available for download, containing the Event information regarding activities, detailed program, locations, arena schemas and all procedures throughout the competition days.

To download the Forest JWOC Bulletin 3.5, click on the Image.