Welcome to Aguiar da Beira – Portugal. Welcome to the Junior World Orienteering Championships 2022!
As local organizer, Ori-Estarreja and the County of Aguiar da Beira are committed to organize one of the greatest JWOCs  ever! With the support of the Portuguese Orienteering Federation and the International Orienteering Federation, we are  already working to achieve this goal.
Parallel to the Junior World Championships we’ll organize a spectators race – JWOC TOUR 2022. This way everyone will  have a chance to enjoy this Orienteering festival.

"It is with great pride and satisfaction that the County of Aguiar da Beira will host JWOC 2022.
We are very grateful and we’ll do everything to honor the trust given by the Portuguese and by the International Orienteering Federations. We are preparing everything to receive you in the best possible way, offering an unforgettable event to all the participants.
The investment we have been making, in a sustained way, in order to promote Orienteering,  makes this sport practiced by many young people on the Municipality, especially at the school.
Besides, Aguiar da Beira is becoming a reference for high level Orienteering practice.
The gifted natural conditions for the practice of this extraordinary sport, together with Ori-Estarreja’s organizational capacity, give us the guarantee that we will have an event of excellence, capable of exceed all expectations."

joaquim bonifácio
Mayor of Aguiar da Beira